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It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me! Positive and negative in a mix so wacky that looking back I don’t know whether to call it good or bad! But things are settling now, and it’s time to get back to what I do, which is entertain all you horny boys and girls And I’m happy to do it!

This time, I’ve got a question from Jake. This one really slowed me down. I had to stop and think about it quite a bit. I’m not convinced I’ve got the right answer, either. I have a feeling that something like a week from now, I’ll be eating lunch or taking a shower, and another answer will pop in my head that surpasses this one. And then I’ll be torn about whether to update this or not.

Anyway, the question at hand is:

What’s the most turned on you’ve been by someone (in real life) without them actually physically touching you? Was it a look they gave or something he/she said? What did you do about it afterwards?

It’s hard to think back and pick the horniest I’ve ever been. Harder still when I need to discard any instances that involved physical contact. Unless you’re new to this site, you know that I love teasing and I love being teased, so it’s no surprise that what I eventually came up with involves plenty of teasing. Mix that in with actually being unable to act on my growing desire, and it’s pretty plain that I was ready pop by the end of the evening. But I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I?

I’d been chatting online. Not just chatting. I’d been flirting. Seriously flirting. Things were getting pretty steamy, but I kept from actually delving into some hot cybersex because I knew that I didn’t have time to play. Plans had been made. It was a friend’s birthday, and there was to be fun times with a group of friends. I didn’t hold back on the flirting, though. I enjoy it too much! If I didn’t have anywhere to be, I would’ve been virtually blowing this guy twenty minutes ago and then begging him to fuck me! I might have even given in if the doorbell rang any later than it did. I quickly signed off, readjusted myself (my hands had been wandering), and answered the door.

At my door was one of the guys I was seeing at the time, Chris. He looked me over and uttered a “wow” as he leaned in for a hug. As he hugged me, he whispered into my ear, “You look incredibly fuckable right now.” His breath was hot on my ear, and I shuddered slightly.

I whispered back to him, “Oh, you’ll get your chance. I’m dying for a good fuck right now.”

He looked at me as we separated and I stared into his eyes. He obviously saw my desire burning in them. I could tell that he wanted to just push me back inside and do me right then and there. But there were others waiting in the car. His mouth opened, but it was a moment before he said, “Well, okay. Let’s get going then! The sooner we start….” he didn’t finish his thought. I didn’t have to look to know he was getting a little hard. I knew him well enough.

The birthday boy, Tim, was in the front seat, next to Melissa, who was driving. I slid into the backseat next to another guy I didn’t know, and Chris sandwiched me in. I do enjoy being pressed in between two boys! My hand rested on Chris’ thigh, and I was well aware of how close it was to his cock. I’m sure he was painfully aware of it, too.

This was still an awkward situation. Chris and Melissa had recently broken up. I think I might have been part of the reason for that, but Melissa didn’t know. At any rate, she was taking the breakup pretty hard, but she was also good friends with Tim, so everyone pretty much had resigned themselves to putting everything behind them for the night, and having as good a time as possible. It wasn’t at all public knowledge that Chris and I were fucking, and we had to keep it that way, at least until we could break away for some private time.

Tim’s really into bowling. I’m not so much, but it was Tim’s birthday, so we all went to local bowling alley and met up with a few other friends. Not a place for much subtle touching and play, like Chris and I both really wanted to do. After my first turn bowling, I returned to sit next to him and he leaned over and quietly said, “I love watching your ass when you bowl.”

Two things happened at that point. First, I decided that since we couldn’t really touch, I’d give him a bit of a show. I knew his eyes were glued to my ass when I bowled, and I started making sure that I was facing him whenever I bent down to pick up my ball, and I could feel (and sometimes even see) him shift as he tried to get a better look down my top.

The second thing that happened is that he not only continued making comments like that to me, but they steadily got more and more sexually provocative and graphic. Sometimes he’d whisper them to me. Sometimes I’d get back from  my turn and find a new text message from him on my phone. As an example, at one point I sat down and checked my phone. There was picture from him of me getting ready to bowl. Well, I should say it was a picture of my ass in my tight jeans. With it was a message that said, “just wanna bite into that juicy ass before slamming my big dick deep into ur tight snatch”

I responded, letting him know that I loved watching him bowl with a hard cock. Shortly after that, Chris went to the bathroom. I got a message from him shortly after. This time it was a pick of his fully erect cock with his hand wrapped around it. It came with a message, saying, “Gotta take care of this now or I’ll never make it to the end of the night.” Almost immediately after, another message came in. “would ask you to join me right now but not quite private here”

I shot a message right back. “just so long as you’re still up for it later!”

“always up for u!!!”

When he came out a few minutes later, I asked him if he had any troubles. The people around us chuckled and he shook his head. He leaned in and quietly said, “I never do when I’m thinking of you.”

By this point, obviously, I’m pretty on edge. I’m well aware that my nipples are hard, and I know that everyone in our little party is also aware of that. I was also starting to honestly worry that I might be getting wet enough to show through my jeans!

I’m not convinced that Melissa didn’t know what was going on. Nothing was ever said, though, and Chris and I kept playing our teasing games back and forth. At some point, it occured to me that because of the Melissa situation, when I got dropped off at the end of the night, Chris wouldn’t be staying with me. I mentioned it to him and he simply told me what I should do while waiting and how he wanted to be greeted at the door when he came back over. I was suddenly very sure of a wet spot in my jeans.

Drinks in the bar followed the bowling, and eventually the decision was made to retire to Tim’s. I asked to be dropped off on the way, claiming some excuse or another. About 20 minutes later, Chris came back to my front door. While waiting for him, I smoked a joint. He knows I get horny when I get high, and while I didn’t need any more help getting aroused, this helped maintain me until he got there. Well, that and the vibrating egg he had told me to slip in while waiting. I kept my jeans and panties on, just slipped it in underneath. He forbade me from cumming, though, and I played by his rules. Per his instructions, I removed my top and bra. So I sat in my living room, lights dimmed, toking on my joint and idly playing with my tits while I keep tight reign on the control for my egg to keep me from going over.

When Chris finally texted to say he was on his way, I turned off and removed the egg, and poured a couple of drinks. When he pulled into my driveway, I opened the front door. I greeted him, leaning in the door frame, topless and in tight jeans, and held up a drink for him. His eyes drank me in as he approached. He took his drink.

Then he took me.


  • Couldn’t helped but get a massive hard on reading all that teasing. Can’t wait to catch you in the chat room one day and hopefully have some fun. Stay sexy and especially stay horny you gorgeous sex bomb. 😍😍😍

  • Hey there, Kristen, thanks so much for the great response! I really enjoyed seeing how palpable the sexual tension was and how it was established at the very beginning of the night. I’m surprise you were able to keep your hands to yourself the entire time, especially since you two kept on escalating things throughout the evening. Were you surprised at how bold he was getting or how bold you were getting, given that you were around your friends?

    • the boldness is part of the tease and just adds to the tension! as does keeping hands to yourself. it takes some willpower, but is sometimes well worth the effort once you get to the release!

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