Welcome to my new home on the Internet! My new webhost doesn’t seem to care what kind of content I put up here (with the exception of a few things that I wouldn’t do anyway), so this looks like a permanent residence for BunnysDreams! Unfortunately, I do have to pay rent here, so if you like what you see, please send me a little something to help keep this afloat. This is something I do because I enjoy it. No money is made from this site except for what you, the reader, decides to contribute.

For those of you new to BunnysDreams, let me explain a little of what you’ll find here:

Let’s start with the obvious, or at least, what should be obvious if you’ve read much of my blog at its old home. I’m a very sexual and sexually liberated girl with very few limits when it comes to sex. I’m also very free with my speech and very open about everything. I’m an open book, as they say. I enjoy writing, and when relating a tale to an online friend, I found that I enjoy writing erotica. I also found that I apparently have a knack for it, as I’ve received tons of positive feedback. So I decided to share it with everyone, and that leads us to this blog.

So, BunnysDreams is a blog about sexuality, lust, erotica, and sensuality. This will be presented in a couple of ways. Foremost is the erotica I write. Most of my stories relate episodes from my actual sex life, sometimes modified or exaggerated (or with details glossed over) to make for a better story. Some of my stories are pure fiction. I don’t distinguish which is which… that’s for you to decide (if you want to).

As I said, I’m a very open girl. Ask me whatever you want to, and I’ll answer it here. Be patient, though. It may take me a while to get to yours.

Another thing you’ll find here are transcripts from cybersex sessions I have in my chatroom and elsewhere. I’m a big believer in the erotic power of the imagination, and I find words to be a prime method of arousal, so I guess it makes sense that I’m a fan of cybersex and erotica.

I’m also going through all 500+ posts from my old home. This includes material that falls into the three categories I’ve already mentioned, and some that fall outside of those bounds. Some will be scrapped. Some will be re-posted here. Some will be edited and then re-posted. And when I say “edited,” I mean that some posts will have grammar and spelling fixed, and others will be completely re-written.

In addition to this site and its chatroom, I’m on Twitter and Tumblr. Both of those venues will link to material here, but both will also feature their own additional benefits, so check them out.

Thanks for stopping by! And please, please, please leave feedback for me, either with comments to the posts, or through the Feedback page! I really do love hearing what other people think and what ideas they may have for things to add or do here.