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Have a question for me? Want to know what kind of music I listen to? Want to know how many girls I’ve slept with? Want to know what I think about the President? Want my advice on giving the ultimate blowjob? Contribute your own questions to be answered in my Ask Kristen posts. I’ll tell you just about anything you want to know about me, no matter how dirty or depraved, or even plain or vanilla.

Anything at all, ask me using the form below. Pretty much anything goes, as long as you follow these few rules:

  1. If you want to leave a comment or suggestion, please use the Feedback page instead. The form below is only for questions you want publicly answered.
  2. Check the FAQ first. I will ignore any question asked that has already been answered there.
  3. At least glance through the Q&A category. That’s the category that will contain all answers to these questions. As it grows, there will be a good chance that whatever you want to ask has already been answered.
  4. Don’t ask about anything time sensitive. For example, don’t ask what I’m dressing up as for Halloween, or what I’m doing this New Year’s Eve. If my time on Formspring is any indication, I’ll probably fall behind in my answers. Telling you in February what I was for Halloween just doesn’t seem like a good use of my (or your) time. More generic questions, like what I’m doing this weekend are okay, because they will always apply to the weekend closest to me answering it… but these questions generally don’t interest me much.
  5. Don’t ask for any personal information. Phone number, address, email addresses, my last name…. if you can’t already find it on this blog, then I’m not giving it out. Period.
  6. Don’t ask for pics or for me to do anything for you. This is a Q&A thing, not a way to request favors of me.

I think that about covers it. Fill out the form below, and let me have it!

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