Double Titfuck

Glad to see I still have readers after so long of an absence! Thank you to everyone who keeps coming back for more!

One of my recent posts, Threesome TittyFuck, inspired the following question from an anonymous reader:

In regards to your recent post about tittyfucking threesomes have you ever had done a double titfuck where the guys goes between you and another girls tits at the same time ?

Well, first we have to be clear. Is this what you mean? Read more [+]

Living As A Slut

Here’s an oldie from way back when. While I don’t necessarily agree with my answer from then 100%, I’m not going to change it here. I think my mindset at the time was a closer match to the question, and my younger self probably has a better grasp than me now. The anonymous question is below, followed by my original, un-altered response:

If you were to offer any advice to someone that was interested in living a lifestyle like yours, what would it be and why?

First off, be sure it’s what you want. If you have any doubts, don’t do it. Having said that, though, start slow. There comes a point where labels like “slut” and “whore” are unavoidable. Either get out before that point, or accept them. Personally, i’ve started to embrace the term “slut.” Read more [+]

Threesome TittyFuck

I really hope you’ve all been enjoying my recent surge in content, some old, some new! I hope you don’t expect me to keep up with an every day post, but I do plan on being more active overall. Let’s keep the surge going with an old question…. avon5735 once asked me:

Have you been tittyfucked while another woman is cupping your breasts and then after the man climaxes, the other woman lick the semen off your breasts, then you reverse roles?

This is a pretty specific question, so I’ll have to get a little graphic. I know you all will hate that, won’t you? We’ll break this down into five parts.

1) Have you ever been tittyfucked…: Absolutely! I’ve talked before about having my tits fucked and how much I like have a big hard cock sliding between my big soft tits. Do a search on this blog and you’re sure to find many mentions of it. In fact, I’ve even done a full article about it.

2) …while another woman is cupping your breasts…: Yes. I’ve had my share of threesomes with a guy and a girl, and this has happened. Again, I love it. My roomie Katie especially knows how to play with my tits (tweaking nipples, licking, etc.) while holding them together for that guy’s dick. And I love just lying back and letting it happen. Read more [+]

A Night At The Club

An older one, and not one of my best, but it’s been a while…

Friday night I decided to go dancing. I met several of my friends at a club and, after downing 3 or 4 shots, went prowling on the dancefloor. I was wearing red heels, a tight black miniskirt, and a sheer white baby tee. My midriff was exposed, and my skirt rode high on my thighs. Under my shirt I wore a red bra that does a nice job of pressing my breasts together and out for maximum cleavage.

We were just having fun drinking and dancing. And we were doing lots of both. Drinking always tends to get me horny, and dancing does the same. For me, dancing is very sensuous, your body just moving, feeling the music…. And especially in clubs like that, where there’s people all around you, and it’s hot and a little sweaty, and you can feel them close to you and sometimes touching you. And knowing that every guy there is looking to score, and that they’re checking you out…mmm I love it!

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Teasing Nibbles

Kristen: hey you

Mitch: *smiles and leans back on the couch* Hey gorgeous

Mitch: *lets my eyes scan up and down your body, taking in the sights* You’re worth waiting for!

Mitch: *pats the spot next to me on the couch, grinning at you*

Kristen: *watches your eyes as they take me in, wearing a black miniskirt and red halter*

Kristen: *grins and slowly walks toward the couch*

Mitch: *admires you as you walk over*

Kristen: *walks right by you, watching your eyes follow me as i head for the wet bar* can i get you a drink?

Mitch: *stares at your ass before shaking my head slightly to refocus myself* Bailey’s Irish Cream on the rocks, please

Kristen: you got it, baby *prepares a drink for you and one for me, leaning over the bar to reach some of the bottles, causing my skirt to hike up a bit, showing off a hint of my ass cheeks and a red thong* Read more [+]