Begging For A Tease

A couple nights ago, I was chatting with a guy. Of course, things turned sexual. He asked me to send him an email “begging for my cum.” He wanted to jerk off to me that night and read it just before he hit orgasm. I was feeling frisky, so I obliged. He soon had an email sitting in his inbox with the subject line that read, “do not open until you’re ready to cum.” With minor edits (to remove personal info), this is what he got: Read more [+]

Merry Christmas!

FAQs and Story Requests

Been a while, but here we are again! I hope everyone’s been having an enjoyable holiday season so far! I think I’ll be answering a couple of questions this time around.

First off, a poster by the name of YourFetish was concerned that his question didn’t format correctly, and I should therefore ignore it. Well, YourFetish, you’re right, it does look like a jumbled mess. It looks salvageable, though, with just a little work. So I won’t be getting to your question today, but next time (which will hopefully be soon), I’ll answer it.

For now, we’ll turn to a question from Serial_Screwer, who says: Read more [+]


Just a real quick one today, as things begin to settle down for me. Hopefully that means I can be more of a presence over the next little while. We’ll see. Life has a way of getting in the way.

Anyway, Jess asked a pretty simple and straightforward question:

Hi Kristen! I saw that you have an account on I’m wondering if you play often and what your favorite game is. I’d love to play against you sometime. My username is [CENSORED]. Thank you! 🙂

[The user name is censored above in case she didn’t want random people from here tracking her down. If you don’t mind, Jess, please feel free to post your username in the comments below!]

As many of you know, I used to play online games at OMGPOP before they went all buggy and defunct. I really liked that site because they hosted several simple games, but also allowed chat during them. I’ve yet to find another online game place that allows chat like they did. That was a big draw to me. If I just want to play games, I’ve got plenty of options (and really, I never just want to play). I like to chat, though, and OMGPOP was a great way to chat and meet new people, and entertain myself during the slower times.

Well, recently I discovered that OMGPOP is back, sort of. Someone’s been hosting a site that has many of the same games and the same or similar layout/design. Best of all, not only is chat enabled the way it was for OMGPOP, but now users get to decide when games start! That means, that if the chat is more interesting, we can focus on that and never have to deal with the distraction of games.

So, yes, I’ve signed up under the name bunnysdreams and I’d be happy to play with any of you there. You can find the new OMGMOBC at this link. The friend function doesn’t seem to be up and running yet, but you can search by user name and leave public or private messages.

I’ll see you there!

If you sign up, please post user names in the comments below so we can find each other. How many of you did I originally meet through OMG?


To Whom It May Concern

Every now and then, I need to get serious here. This is one of those times. The other day, someone left me some feedback on this site that really made me stop and think. The writer remained anonymous, for reasons that seem clear once you read it, and probably never expected a response, but I thought this was something important. I really hope whoever wrote it finds and reads this response.

Unfortunately, the guy I was really into (my somewhat boyfriend) had cybersex with you and I saw the conversation. I hope that you don’t receive too many of these comments because in reality this isn’t your fault. It was his. I actually don’t know why I’m writing to you, I guess to acknowledge that you won. You are exactly what he’s always wanted and I’m not. I just hope you remember to stay beautiful and don’t ever let a man define who you are as a person and not as the sexy cyber girl. Sincerely, The Unwanted

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