Some of you may have noticed I’ve been a little more outspoken on my Twitter page. Well, outspoken as far as retweeting some points made by others that I happen to agree with. Since this is something that is against the norm that I’ve established so far, I wanted to take a moment to address it here.

Overall, what I want to put out there into the world is a feeling of love for everyone. This is why I’ve avoided spouting any politics or anything really divisive. I’ve also largely avoided these things when they’re placed in front of me. I’ve always wanted this to be a place where none of that matters, where worldly concerns can be largely forgotten and we can focus on human connection and sexy fun. Read more [+]

Merry Christmas!

To Whom It May Concern

Every now and then, I need to get serious here. This is one of those times. The other day, someone left me some feedback on this site that really made me stop and think. The writer remained anonymous, for reasons that seem clear once you read it, and probably never expected a response, but I thought this was something important. I really hope whoever wrote it finds and reads this response.

Unfortunately, the guy I was really into (my somewhat boyfriend) had cybersex with you and I saw the conversation. I hope that you don’t receive too many of these comments because in reality this isn’t your fault. It was his. I actually don’t know why I’m writing to you, I guess to acknowledge that you won. You are exactly what he’s always wanted and I’m not. I just hope you remember to stay beautiful and don’t ever let a man define who you are as a person and not as the sexy cyber girl. Sincerely, The Unwanted

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Cumming This Week

Well, we’re less than two weeks away from the end of Bunnython 2016! Get those donations in early to make sure you get your prize (which is, of course, me)! To help with the big push, I’ll be publishing at least two new stories here this week! The first is an old one that never appeared on this site. I’m dusting it off and putting it up here tomorrow in the early afternoon, for those of you who need a little something to kill some time before the Superbowl starts. This one will probably also be my first publication on LushStories. I’ll also be putting up a brand new, never seen anywhere, freshly written story later this week. Probably on Friday. And I make no guarantees, but there might be another surprise showing up sometime this week as well!

So keep checking back all this week, and… well, just keep checking back!


A Bit Of News

There are a few things that I wanted to update you all on. No big news, but a few items that I’m proud of, want to inform you of, or just otherwise want to keep you all updated. Four things in particular.

  1. Cybersex 101: I am working on the cybersex class, and you’ll be hearing more about it soon. Keep your eyes on this site!
  2. LushStories: A link posted in the chatroom here led me to this social site focused around erotica. I set up a profile, and have been enjoying meeting people there and reading the other content. I highly recommend it to anyone here!
  3. SocioSite: I was looking at the behind-the-scenes info of this site, and I noticed someone found it by clicking on a link on a site I didn’t recognize. I’ve looked into it, and I have to say that I’m pretty pleased! The visitor followed a link from SocioSite, which describes itself as, in part, like this:

    We present the resources and information that are important for the international sociological scene. It links students of sociology to many interesting, sociologically relevant locations in cyberspace. SocioSite is a comprehensive information system which is very easy to use. That is why it has become a very popular yellow guide for social scientists from all over the world. SocioSite is a toolkit for us social scientists. It contains high quality resources and texts that can be used as wheels for the sociological mind.

    They have a section on CyberSex and CyberPorn, which contains a link to my Cybersex Transcripts with the following descriptor: “Actual transcripts of cybersex sessions featuring Kristen passionately interacting with one or more partners.” I’m just tickled that there’s a serious sociological resource that is referring to my cybersex adventures. I’m kind of honored that I’m being used as an example.

  4. Star Wars: Yes, I’m a geek girl, especially when it comes to Star Wars. The update here is that I’ve started playing the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG again. I used to play quite a bit, and the excitement of the new movie, plus some other things I’ve read online about new developments in the game have led me to look into it again. The fact that I’ve had some memorable cybersex encounters in the game doesn’t hurt, either! If you play,let me know, and we can figure out how to meet up in the game.

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