Cumming This Week

Well, we’re less than two weeks away from the end of Bunnython 2016! Get those donations in early to make sure you get your prize (which is, of course, me)! To help with the big push, I’ll be publishing at least two new stories here this week! The first is an old one that never appeared on this site. I’m dusting it off and putting it up here tomorrow in the early afternoon, for those of you who need a little something to kill some time before the Superbowl starts. This one will probably also be my first publication on LushStories. I’ll also be putting up a brand new, never seen anywhere, freshly written story later this week. Probably on Friday. And I make no guarantees, but there might be another surprise showing up sometime this week as well!

So keep checking back all this week, and… well, just keep checking back!


Bunnython 2016 *updated*

Until February 19 only!! Donate and get rewards!

Donation rewards:

  • $5 – a special, personal thank you email from Kristen!
  • $25 – a personal one-on-one session* (minimum one hour) with Kristen in a chatroom specifically set up for you! If you’d prefer a guy, I’m sure arrangements can be made!
  • $50 – a second one-on-one session with Kristen (or bring along with a guest of your choice)!**
  • $75 – either a third session with Kristen (one-on-one or with a friend), or you can opt to bring in the wonderful and sexy lady, LustyandBusty, to one session of your choice! Special thanks to LustyandBusty for offering to help out!
  • $100+ – a fourth, fifth, or even a sixth(!) session for each additional $20 donation! How much Kristen can you take?
  • Other surprise rewards!

Read on for details! Read more [+]