Inspired by the new movie, I thought it was well past time that I posted this classic!

A couple years ago, my Halloween costume was Wonder Woman. That was the suggestion of my roomie, Katie, who went as Supergirl. My costume was made up of red boots (with heels, of course), a skimpy one-piece outfit, lasso, belt, and tiara. And that’s it. I couldn’t wear a bra with it, not that I’d really want to. The piece itself shows off my boobs well enough. I experimented with a couple of my thongs and even a g-string, but I decided that I might as well go without any panties at all. So really, what you see is all there is!

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A Night At The Club

An older one, and not one of my best, but it’s been a while…

Friday night I decided to go dancing. I met several of my friends at a club and, after downing 3 or 4 shots, went prowling on the dancefloor. I was wearing red heels, a tight black miniskirt, and a sheer white baby tee. My midriff was exposed, and my skirt rode high on my thighs. Under my shirt I wore a red bra that does a nice job of pressing my breasts together and out for maximum cleavage.

We were just having fun drinking and dancing. And we were doing lots of both. Drinking always tends to get me horny, and dancing does the same. For me, dancing is very sensuous, your body just moving, feeling the music…. And especially in clubs like that, where there’s people all around you, and it’s hot and a little sweaty, and you can feel them close to you and sometimes touching you. And knowing that every guy there is looking to score, and that they’re checking you out…mmm I love it!

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Begging For A Tease

A couple nights ago, I was chatting with a guy. Of course, things turned sexual. He asked me to send him an email “begging for my cum.” He wanted to jerk off to me that night and read it just before he hit orgasm. I was feeling frisky, so I obliged. He soon had an email sitting in his inbox with the subject line that read, “do not open until you’re ready to cum.” With minor edits (to remove personal info), this is what he got: Read more [+]

A Proposition: Finishing Me Off (part 4)

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As the boys carried my body to the bed, I felt like I was floating on air. Hands, lips and tongues groped and caressed me as we moved. When they laid me down, I was surprised that I wasn’t laying direcly on the mattress. Someone was underneath me, with his hands on my hips, helping to gently bring me down on top of him. I could feel his hard cock pressed between his body and mine, slipping into the crack of my ass.

Once I was pretty settled, hands lifted up my pelvis, and whoever was under me pointed his cock skyward. We both moaned as I was eased down again, his lubed cock pressing into my ass. Instinctively, my hips started moving. I was half-grinding, half-riding him slowly when I felt another pair of hands on my thighs slow me to a stop. I looked down and saw Phil between my legs as he slid his cock back and forth along my slit, teasing me. I noticed Brian and Ray on either side of me, their hard members within easy reach of my mouth. Adam straddled my chest, pushing my big tits together around his cock as Ray dribbled some lube over us. My lips sealed around a cock as Phil pushed his inside me. That meant that it was Steve underneath me, fucking my ass.

I wanted to alternate evenly between sucking Ray and Brian’s cock as everyone else took their pleasure elsewhere on my body. I was riding wave after wave of pleasure, though, high on the bliss of the multiple orgasms I’d already had, and the surge of pleasure that was coarsing through me in the present, and that made it difficult for me to focus at all. Definitely not my best blow jobs, and probably not even shared between them.  Read more [+]

A Proposition: The Fifth And Sixth (part 3)

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“Looks like I got here just in time,” Adam said.

“What do you mean?” I asked between grunts of pleasure as I rode Ray’s long and hard cock. I heard and felt Ray mumble something, but it was muffled by my tits.

Adam walked around the couch, grabbing a bottle of lube off a side table. (Jack and I had left several such thing scattered around the suite.) “I mean,” he began as he squirted a bit of lube into his hand and began spreading it over his cock, “that you are in just the right position.” He came up behind me and trailed a hand down my back, giving me goosebumps. “And with only one other guy fucking you right now….” Drops of cold lube fell on my lower back and my ass, and he began rubbing it into my flesh. Some dripped down to my pussy and Ray’s cock and balls. He gave a little startled yelp and jerked, filling my pussy as he lifted me up briefly.

“Oh, wow!” I don’t know if it was Phil or Brian who said that, but I could feel Adam’s cock sliding along my slick ass. I slowed my riding rhythm almost to a stop and looked over my shoulder at Adam. His face was very focused as he pushed the head of his cock against my asshole. Read more [+]