4 on 1

Haven’t posted any in a while (could say that about anything, really), but here’s another video sent to me, with this note attached:

Every time I see a gangbang video, I think of you. This one especially, with the big tits and the insatiable lust — she reminds me of you! I hope you enjoy this! And maybe while I think of you as the girl, you can think of me and my friends as the guys! I know that’s exactly whats on my mind!!

Intrigued yet? Watch the video below, and let me know what you think. Read more [+]

Big Boobed Cutie DPed

Continuing my series of monthly video treats, this one comes at the suggestion of swiftwolf, who wrote:

I don’t think I could ever share you with another guy…. at least at the same time…. but this vid makes me think of you, and gets me hard every time! You’d have no problem taking these guys on, would you?

Hope you all enjoy it! And please, if you come across any other videos that remind you of me, or just ones that you really like, send me the link and I’ll put it up! Read more [+]

Intense Sex Scene

This one’s from a while ago. Someone sent me a link to this video and told me that this is how they imagined me. The girl in this video seems to really get into it! And that is very much how I get. She has something that most porn stars lack, based on what I’ve seen. She’s got passion. She wants to get fucked. She’s enjoying it in ways that most porn stars don’t. They kind of go through the motions. She’s really into it.

Or she’s a great actress. I don’t think that’s it, though (no offence to her!)… I think she really just likes a good fuck, and isn’t scared to let herself really feel it and give in to it, despite the cameras and crew around her. My kind of girl, in other words!

Hope you enjoy! Read more [+]

Passionate Fuck

I got a surprise tweet the other day. It was from Mischiefm8ker, and it said simply:

Thought of fucking you babe.

Attached was a link to a video that I think you’ll all enjoy. Let me know if this is what you imagine when you think of fucking me, or if you imagine something else?

It’s a great little scene, and I love getting things like this! So big thanks to Mischiefm8ker for this. Anyone else have anything they want to show me? Read more [+]

Wetter Than The Sea

I was going to save this for Monday, in order to help ease your Tax Day. But you’ve already got a treat coming on Monday, so I guess I’ll let this one loose today. Mischiefm8ker sent me a link to a porn video a while ago. With it, he sent this note:

totally thought about fucking you when I watched this babe!!

I’m totally flattered! I love that even while watching porn, some of you think about me instead of the girls on the screen. Makes me smile… and a little wet! 😉

I’m glad I inspire such thoughts, and I encourage everyone else out there to point me to videos, stories, pictures, or anything else that turns you on, especially if it inspires thoughts of me!