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As most of you know, I’ve had an online presence for a number of years. One thing that kept happening, though, was that my accounts on free sites (everything from Facebook to Twitter to WordPress, etc) would occasionally get suspended due to me posting adult content.

Well, I’m all about the adult content!

That’s why I put forth an investment (with the help of a few generous backers) to change things up a bit. I have now paid for my own domain name and a few other services, and that has made it so that I can post whatever I want. You’re looking at the result.

I figure you all like it, because you keep coming back. I know that I like it!

Anyway, the point is that eventually the time will come when further funding is needed. I love this site, and I love interacting with all of you, but I’m not interested in dishing out the funds on my own. It’s not a lot of money, but I do have other things I’d rather spend money on. I figure, I provide the bulk of the content here, maybe those who read and enjoy it can contribute to keep the content coming. And many of you have commented about your desire to do so.

Many of you have heard me say this before, but it’s worth repeating. My intention is to *NEVER* make this a pay site. It will remain 100% free to access for everyone. What I’m asking is for you, my lovely readers, to chip in to help defray the costs.

A $5 donation from each of you would be more than enough to keep this going strong. I don’t expect everyone to give, though. And I know some of you are willing to pitch in more than that. Whatever you feel like giving is all that I want you to give.

I’ve run a couple of month-long pledge drives (I call them “Bunnythons”) that have been successful. What I’m doing now is opening things up so anyone can donate at any time.

Known Issues

Right now, the service I’m using to accept donations is There are two problems I have with using them.

The first is that many potential donors are hesitant to trust them. All I can do is offer my personal endorsement of them. They bill discreetly, and I have received every cent that’s been sent my way by them.

The second issue is that they seem to only accept payments from within the United States. So for the moment, any international would-be donors are out of luck.

So why don’t I just use PayPal? Everyone trusts them, and they’ve got no problem transferring funds across borders. What they do have a problem with, though, is adult content. My PayPal account was suspended after my first Bunnython because of the content at this site.

I’ve looked into a number of other options, but they all seem to be hung up on adult content. I’ll continue to try to find other options, but in the meantime, is my only option for US donors, and I still don’t have one for international donors.

If you’ve got any suggestions for alternatives, please use the feedback page on this site to let me know! Other options (Amazon wish lists and such) are another possibility I’m looking into, for those so inclined.


And as a special bonus, I am selling myself for my site.

That’s right, I’m cyber-whoring myself out!

Donate at least $50 to this site, and you’ll buy some of my online time to do whatever you want. You can donate all at once, or a little at a time, as long as at least $50 is sent within 30 days. Just make sure you enter your email address in the “optional note” part of the form so I can contact you!

This will guarantee you a private one-on-one session in a chatroom with me (or bring along anyone else you want)! You’ll be guaranteed one hour to do whatever you want with me, though, to be honest, these things usually end up lasting much longer.

To be clear: those who donate are not the only ones I’ll cyberfuck! They just get guaranteed a scheduled one-on-one session with me. Beyond those sessions, or for those who don’t or can’t donate, things continue as normal.