Gangbang And Rape Fantasies

We’ve got a three-part question today! Well, more three very different questions all asked at once. I’m going to start by asking all of you a question, and I hope I’ll get some feedback in the comments below. I want to put a little more of an introduction to these “Ask Kristen” articles before getting to the question, but I’m not sure what to put up here. An update on things in my life – and what in particular would you want? A quick sexually teasing paragraph? Song lyrics? Anyone have any other ideas? Or should I just jump to the issue at hand and answer the fucking question? Let me know what you think!

Anyway, today’s trifects of questions comes from Ivan:

HI Kristen, Wanted to ask you what is your username for Star Wars, Knights of the old republic? Also, i have always to ask you a few things: 1. What is your biggest gangbang fantasy? like how many guys do you think you can take? Is it ok if i request a story for this? 2. Do you ever fantasize about having forced sex by a guy or a few guys? hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

I did play a lot of Star Wars: The Old Republic, mostly as a Chiss Imperial Agent named Celene. I haven’t played in a very long time, though. I might be willing to start up again, maybe with a new character, if I had some people to play with…. maybe some of you sexy followers of mine? Read more [+]

The Other Kind Of Length

Hello again! I hope you all are staying sexy and having fun! I’ve been getting more questions to answer here, which is nice. Keep them coming!

Today’s question comes from Dallas, who wants to know:

How long should a guy last in bed? On average how long is the best amount for you to have a really good time?

How long should he last? As long as he can. To give a more detailed answer, I’m afraid I’m going to be dispelling a few myths here, so watch out! Read more [+]

Sexual Growth

Welcome back…. hmm. Not too sure what to call all you boys and girls who keep coming back and keep me cumming. Any ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

Anway, today I’ve got a great question from Jake. This is what he wrote me:

Hey there Kristen, it’s pretty clear through your stories that you’ve had the pleasure of having a lot of different and wonderful sexual experiences. So my question is what’s next? Is there possibly anything you haven’t done that you’d like to do? How would you like to continue to grow sexually from this point on? Thanks so much! Can’t wait to hear your answer

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Blow Job Limbo

Continuing to dig through recently asked questions and comments. Feel free to keep them coming!

First off, I got this comment from Alex:

Just have to say that I really like your blog!! The stories are great!

I’m so glad you like them, Alex! Any particular favorites? Keep your eyes on this site, and you may see some new material soon!

Requiring a little more intense of an answer is Kel, who said:

Hey Kristen love your blog and needed your help. I have this awesome girl, shares my interests, is funny, silly and just simply there for me as I am with her. But as good as that is I wish she would take me in her mouth. She says she’s not into it and it kills me. She’s gone as far as to kissing it but that’s it. I long for her to take me in her mouth and have me there. Any tips you can give me to make it more appealing to my girl?

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Anal Sex Stories

Another long stretch of silence comes to an end. Got a few recent submissions that I’ve got to answer, and we’ll start with this one. An anonymous visitor sent me this:

Do you have any 1-on-1 anal stories? I’d love to read one sometime if you can ever get to it.

Well, if you’ve looked at my FAQ, you might have come across this little entry that sums up my views of anal sex. Once you’ve read that, it should be clear why there aren’t any stories of 1-on-1 anal sex here. It’s not that it’s never happened, it’s just that there are plenty of other stories that i’d rather tell. One may pop up here sometime, but don’t hold your breath.